Transition Weather Shopping List

Chilly mornings that give way to toasty afternoons can make getting dressed daily a bit of a puzzle.  How do you tackle getting dressed during this ‘transition weather‘?  I’ve created my go-to check list to ensure you know exactly what you need in your closet, and need to purchase, to ensure you are dressing both stylishly and practically this fall.
I invite you to download the below guide and take it with you shopping so that you end up with pieces that you actually need…aka you are being a smarter shopper!  But of course feel free to shop my selects below to make life a lil easier.  Lastly, don’t forget to apply this check list to your body type now that you have a better understanding of what works for your silhouette.  
Happy fall, femmes!
And don’t forget to shop the items from the list below!


Third Pieces